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I have gotten close. I have found that previous pie crust recipes I’ve tried that have had variations on flour+butter+ice water have been flavorful, and others have sworn by them, but although I get big delicious flakes and don’t overwork the dough- AND keep it as cold as possible, there has just been something not quite right. For some reason, they’ve always been way too difficult to cut, making serving beautifully uniform slices almost impossible. Absolutely nothing wrong from the flavor perspective, but a complete fail as for texture.

And then a completely different and radical recipe showed up, ingredients including now white vinegar, a beaten egg, and a goodly amount of salt. AND the claim that it can be frozen and when baked would become even MORE flaky. Tempting! I had tried the all-butter crust over and over again without complete success, so why not give this recipe a shot?

Really freaking flaky. Not the huge flakes that made my other crusts difficult to cut, but a nice almost-crumble that make the pie ridiculously easy to cut and serve. But… there was something missing in the flavor department. Maybe next time a touch of sugar? Maybe next time I’ll split the dough into half instead of thirds so I could get a thicker crust?

Well, this one’s definitely the current winner. Now I have only a few more pie crust recipes to try on for size.

(And by the way, has anyone else noticed that on every blog, the author has discovered THE WAY to make pie crust? I swear, it’s as variable as how different surgeons put in ports for laparoscopic surgery. I do it the way someone else does it, and it just doesn’t work out for me. But it sure does work for him/her! Maybe pie crust works the same way. I just need to try how all the different “experts” claim is the “best,” and then decide which works the best for me. Oh well. We’ll see.)

Happy thanksgiving, all!



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