So, this post, as the title notes, has no substance. I just felt like I should leave a note here because I have a second right now and I have other things I’d rather not do. Those things would include: working on our wedding book (still, again… ), finishing up reading all of the papers my fellow gave me before this rotation ends (in like, 2 days), restocking our fridge with frozen Chinese goods, napping, exercising…

Most urgent, strangely enough, is getting this wedding book done with so I can use these groupons before they expire!!! Yikes.

Husband is post-call today and still not home. I cooked myself breakfast this morning after going to the VA to round, so myself and the entire place smells like bacon.

So our condo doesn’t really get great natural light.  It’s something I realized before we bought the place, but something about not being able to buy the place just made us want to have it more.  No, just kidding. The lack of natural light is a bit obnoxious to me, but I know that we’re not living here forever, so I’m dealing with it.  I’m the sort of person that if I’m indoors and it’s sunny outside, I want to open all the window shades to let it in.  In fact, it doesn’t even need to be sunny.  The sun just needs to be UP.  It is for this reason that during daylight hours, I don’t really like to stay at home to study or work at my computer; it’s just too dark inside and I feel like it’s nighttime instead of daytime and it makes me sad.  Of course, this is worsened by the fact that our study/guest room/extra room/storage space doesn’t have much of a dedicated window, just some ambient filtered light.

The problem then is that my dual display (I love you, dual display!) is in the study/office/room and this photo book project which is quickly overcoming my life and becoming less and less fun by the day is best done with a dual display.

Jeez, how am I complaining already?

In the lines of other updates, Husband and I went to our first ever Yelp Elite event a few nights ago.  It was fun! It was a surprisingly diverse group as well, which was surprising and really nice.  You could have picked up the entire party and moved it to LA or NYC and it would have made sense: maybe 15% Asian, 20% Hispanic/Latino, and the remainder “other.” (And by “other” I mean Caucasian…)

Okay and this photo book is staring me in the face and asking to be completed.

Oh but one more thing! There was this OR circulating nurse yesterday who before tying the back of my gown, gave me an AMAZING back rub.  I am saying “back rub” instead of “massage” because it sounds less creepy.  However, it was not really a back rub. It was a massage, and a damn good one.  Apparently she does it for everybody and it’s her “thing.”  But OH MY GOODNESS it made me realize how badly I’d like a nice long massage right now…

Here’s a survey- being on home call puts a bit of a damper on things.  My “rule of thumb” for being home call at the VA is that I’ll never be 30 min out from the hospital.  However, I haven’t decided on a rule for call backs.  Honestly, I never gave it a thought because I always call back pages within 5 minutes; more like 1 minute, really. So doing things like skiing and cycling are out.  But now I’m wondering- what about things like… getting a massage? Going to a yoga class? I would really like to go to a yoga class. But can you imagine my pager going off and then I have to run out and possibly get called back to the hospital?  Ugh, I’d be so pissed if I had paid for a class.   I’m sure too that all of the other students in the class would also look at me in disgust and think to themselves, “Why didn’t she turn her pager off?”  Hahaha!  I’m saving the world, one vet at a time…