A real quickie because for once I actually have my computer out…

I got complimented on my knot-tying skills today.  And apologized to because I wasn’t allowed to do anything in the OR.

We (finally) got our professional wedding photos back!  I haven’t even finished going through them all.  That’s because there are like… 800+ of them and I’m trying to update my iPhone at the same time and browse and read Sabiston’s so I don’t look like a complete idiot during didactics tomorrow.  The med students know more than I do.  And that’s no lie.  When the pimping starts, I pray to God that the med students know the answer so the pimping doesn’t get to me.  So far… pretty good.

I counted. I’ve logged 40+ cases so far.  Not even a month in.  Thank you, Utah.

I am going to miss operating on skinny little people.  Everything is so much cuter.  Tiny gallbladders, tiny livers, teeny squiggly bowel…

I think tiny gallbladders are my favorite.  Followed by tiny liver edges.

And before I melt into delirium, I’m going to finish reading and go to bed.