Right now, Husband and I are sitting in bed, which right now is a mattress on the floor.  We have no headboard, so our pillows are propped up against the wall and both of us are quite uncomfortably slumped in bed with our laptops on our laps.  Power cords are going off to either side and we are surrounded by boxes.  Ah, moving.

This has been a period of rapid home improvement as well- we’ve taken so many trips to Home Depot it’s ridiculous. And then, we took a monster trip to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday because there was a registry completion event and we were able to get everything 20% off!  Score!  We’ve been (or maybe I should say, Husband has been) replacing sinks, replacing towel racks and toilet paper holders… and plans are to also replace light fixtures, curtain rods, and curtains.  Tomorrow we’re going to paint the closet (in which Husband has already ripped out the old shelf and closet rod) and then install a new closet unit.  And I spent all of today unpacking our kitchen.  It’s sort of ridiculous in there.  I think I’m going to need another cabinet solely for my baking stuff.  Yeah.  It’s bad, man.  And to place at least some blame on Husband, there is an awful lot of drinking paraphernalia.  There are at least 4 sake sets, a whole load of shot glasses, and then some martini glasses, old-fashioneds… but then to be fair, my baking stuff takes up a lot more space.

Anyways, so I waver between being excited for our new projects, but at the same time I feel like we’re spending all this money for purely aesthetic purposes and I just feel like such a wasteful consumer.  At least we both know that we’ll be here to enjoy our home for six years. (Or not home, and in the hospital.)

Okay, quick post over!