Right now, I’m updating from Cedar City, Utah.  Yesterday, Lee and I (well, we paid the movers to) emptied his condo of all of our boxes and his (our?) furniture.  We steam cleaned the carpet and then left the place completely empty.  We did a walk through last night and it was so strange to see this place where I had lived- and where Lee had lived for even longer- completely emptied out.  Moving is always a bittersweet thing.

We spent last night on our friend’s futon because the carpets were still wet from the steam cleaning in Lee’s place. All of our things were somewhere inbetween San Diego, Los Angeles, and here.  We spent all day driving today, leaving San Diego, where it was overcast from the June gloom, through the Mojave, where I stumbled out of the car to refill the tank to be greeted by an oppressive wall of California desert heat.  We passed into Nevada, where I was very very tempted to stop at the border outlets, then the Virgin River pass where we passed through the corner of Arizona.

We ascended into Utah, elevation 3000, then elevation 5000.  My gas light went on as we pulled into Cedar City and when I stumbled out of the 4Runner again, it was balmy- the border between warm and cool when you’re comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans but aren’t quite sure if you should be feeling warm.

Utah. Hello, new home.