I would just like to announce that I gave Husband’s computer a virus today.

So, as a fair warning to all internet users, please refrain from doing the following:

  1. Browsing the internet unprotected.  It’s just as dumb as having unprotected sex- great while it’s in the moment but in a few minutes, you realize that it was a bad, bad idea.
  2. Attempt to stream the original 2001 Korean version of My Sassy Girl from the internet.  It’s not worth the $5 and 10 minutes you are saving by not going to Blockbuster.  Instead, it will cost you 2 hours of your husband’s time while he tries to fix the computer, a great deal of embarrassment, and your husband swearing that he never wants to watch the original My Sassy Girl with you.  Plus, in my case, it will cost me a new computer because getting a virus is great justification to perform a complete reformat, sell the old computer, and buy a new one.

However, as of now, Husband has successfully fixed the computer, has not actually done the complete reformat, and has not actually bought a new computer yet (although I saw him looking!)… but the old computer is already on craigslist awaiting a new owner to call.

Anyways, moral of the story: please browse the internet using updated protection and refrain from questionable browsing behaviors.  You know, like trying to watch the 2001 version of My Sassy Girl.  Sad.