I apologize- this whole moving thing has been catastrophic for my writing the occasional entry in here.  As a general update, the lease on my apartment ended, thus ending 3 years of living in the same place (longest since high school!) and also definitively ending my run as a single lady. (Yep, he put a ring on it.  Two of them, even.)

We are scheduled to close on our new place in Salt Lake City in a week.  Crazy, huh?!  There has been a bit of drama here and there, but so far it’s gotten all sorted out and we’re just dreading the moving process out of Lee’s place into this new one.  We are planning to pack up our U-Haul in 4 days and… uh… well, just looking around, the amount of work we still have cut out for us is pretty frightening.

In other interesting news, I tried a recipe that I printed out ages ago labeled “Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies” from smitten kitchen (one of my most favorite cooking blogs, although I feel like it’s become less frequently food that I can relate to since she has had a baby).  I must have tried out this recipe before because it was printed out and in my little binder of printed out recipes, but I never remember it having turned out so well.  Let’s just say… I’ve made 4 batches so far and they just keep getting devoured.  It never ends.  And on a whim, I had bought myself a medium sized cookie scoop almost a year ago, and I have now discovered that it is the best thing ever!

Now that I’m talking about food, I’d also like to note that I have an unfortunate amount of food in the fridge and freezer and am sort of at a loss on how to finish it all.  About a week ago, I thought that we were in good shape, but I forgot that we were planning on being out of town briefly for a camping trip and then my family was going to converge on San Diego for graduation weekend, likely leading to a lot of… no-fridge-emptying on our home front.

So, despite my best efforts, it still looks like we’re going to have all this extra food when we finally have to move out.  Anybody in the San Diego area want to absorb our supply of frozen fruit, frozen grilled chicken strips, frozen peas, frozen mixed vegetables, etc.?  I hate wasting food.  Moving is just a huge demonstration of all the things you should not have purchased.  I feel like such a lame mindless consumer now.

Okay, time for bed!  Hope that update wasn’t entirely useless.  At least you now have an excellent chocolate chip cookie recipe to try!