You know that townhouse I mentioned a while back?

Turns out that now we’re in primary position to buy the place and the girl who had placed the other offer is now in backup position.  We actually know who this girl is, since we saw her name on one of our contracts.  It’s a long and complicated story which involves plenty of things that I don’t understand, but bottom line is that we sort of forced her out.  Well, to be fair, she couldn’t get a loan and kept asking for extensions, which made the sellers pretty nervous.  So they did these legalese tricks that allowed them to force her out if they found a better offer (or force her to put $5K at risk)- and the sellers already knew about us wanting the place.

But ANYWAYS, besides the fact that this girl probably really dislikes us right now (and she’s an incoming med-peds intern at our hospital next year), it looks like we will have a place to live next year.  Of course, tons of things could go wrong between now and actually closing, but… at least this is more hopeful than where we were last week!  Yay!  We’re pretty ecstatic.  And my hand is going to start hurting from all these documents I need to sign now… Ouch!