When new Husband and I went to Utah for our honeymoon, we discovered the mecca of outdoor gear that Salt Lake City is.  First stop was the Patagonia outlet, where I got these cute “workout underclothes” that I had been ogling at REI for the past season and Husband picked up a red micropuff jacket.  Let me tell you about moving to a cold place- it gives you that excuse you’ve been waiting for to buy more cold weather clothing that you never had a reason to buy while living in California.  I went through the same thing when I moved to New York, except instead of snowboard gear and trendy outdoor clothing, (read: Patagonia, Outdoor ResearchMountain Hardwear, Columbia, etc.) I was picking up cute sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, scarves, and gloves.

While we were in Utah, it started dumping snow like nobody’s business.  We actually even ended up getting “stuck” (oh boo-hoo) and having to do our drive back to LA in one day because of chain/4WD restrictions on the canyon road.  On one of the sunny days between snow dumps, we headed into Salt Lake City to view a resident’s house.  We were running early, so we stopped by Target… and the Black Diamond store.  Ah, the Black Diamond store.  We kept them there after closing so Husband could decide on which skis to buy- the Black Diamond Megawatts?  Or the Black Diamond Verdicts?  The salesperson kept selling him on the Megawatts, but they seemed a little long for Husband and a bit too specific for only big pow.  The Verdicts sounded like a decent all-around ski, better on pow than his other skis, and the correct length for Husband.  To give you an idea, the Megawatts were 178s, and Husband usually skis a 163.  Salesperson told him that the Megawatts ski about 10cm shorter because of the huge ridiculous rocker tip, but I was skeptical.  I mean seriously, these things were ridiculous.  Monstrous.  Huge! (Also, such a good deal!)

So Husband entered into paroxysms of indecision and asked for my advice, which I gave: the Verdicts.  So we bought them and returned back to the hotel, where Husband commenced extensive online research on both skis.  The online community of tele skiers convinced him that the Megawatts were definitely the way to go; they were amazing! Life changing! Best pow ski ever!  My favorite review was titled: “MEGA-WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!”

So when we went back down into Salt Lake City the next day to see some more property, we brought the rejected Verdicts with us and picked up the MEGA-WHAAAATs.  And it continued to dump snow like nobody’s business, and after 2 feet in 48 hours, Husband was floating above the pow to liftie comments like, “Whoa. Great skis for a day like today.”  And I was getting stuck here and there, insisting that because I had a snowboard, I was better off than a skier on a huge pow day.

And this story is getting very long, so to cut to the chase, Husband went hunting on eBay after we got back home and picked up a Burton Fish 150 for me.  It’s a hell of a lot of board for a tiny person like me, but hey- I’ll get more float, right?  And besides, who needs to turn in powder?  Puahahahaah!

Hi Fishie! You belong to me now!