The photo, and associated cruise, that inspired this post

If I don’t make lists, nothing ever gets done.  And if I don’t make this list, I’m sure that I’ll forget all the places I want to visit and then when Husband and I are trying to plan a vacation and he asks where I’d like to go, I’ll reply, as always, “I dunno.”


  1. Glacier National Park, Montana
  2. Yosemite – my family used to go there every summer, but we haven’t been there since the big fires in the ’90s.
  3. Oak Ridge, Tennessee (Nashville too!)
  4. Austin – there’s some indie music festival there?  (This one’s Husband’s request)
  5. Whistler, BC – Yes, I know this is in Canada, but it’s not reeeeally a ridiculous flight to get there.


  1. Paris
  2. Barcelona
  3. Costa Brava
  4. Greece
  5. Tahiti – Husband really wants to check out those over-water bungalows. =P
  6. Australia – Husband’s never been
  7. Peru and Argentina
  8. The Caribbean
  9. The Galapagos
  10. Japan
  11. China
  12. Taiwan – husband’s never been!

To be continued!  Husband and I have a lot of time together (God willing!) ahead of us.