Some day, I would like to have an awesome kitchen.  I want a huge commercial stainless steel hood so I can grill ridiculous things in the dead of winter and not have to worry about setting off my fire alarm or having  my home smell like dinner for the next few days.  And I want a gas range.  And a double oven.  And a sink with step pedals- with a separate control for temperature so you don’t have to fuss with getting the right balance between the hot and the cold pedals.  (That was Husband’s request.  Maybe bad experiences with the OR sinks here?  In my experience, I always use the hot and it’s not even tepid by the time I’m done scrubbing…)  And I think it’d be awesome to have an integrated sound system hooked up to a touch screen computer from which I can look up recipes, play music, catch up on Project Runway, or maybe even teleconference into meetings while I’m stirring my risotto for 30 minutes.  Ah-maaahhh-zing!

Husband is a huge fan of granite countertops and dark woods, but I’m a sucker for light and bamboo.  If and when we ever have the resources and time to build our own kitchen, I’m not sure who will win.  And if and when that ever happens, I wonder if we will even be doing any cooking at all.  My mom laughs at the somewhat lack of functionality that the kitchen in our new house has.  It has beautiful granite finishes, a vegetable sink, and a mind-boggling amount of counter space, but it lacks a hood, or any way to contain cooking smells, grease, or smoke.  The previous owner’s idea of a hood is this slick thing that rises out of the countertop- it’s real snazzy– you press this button and then it rises out from behind the range– but it’s completely useless.  She told me, “You see, people who have money build these beautiful expensive kitchens, but they always eat out and never use them.  And then people who actually cook at home can’t afford things like that.”  Irony.  Everybody tells me that will be me someday- someday soon.

I can’t wait to prove them wrong- to build myself a gorgeous hyperfunctional kitchen (covered outlets underneath the cabinets! skillful use of the kitchen work triangle principles!) and then cook in it.  Entertain in it.  Have friends over for dinner parties that I haven’t catered.  I wonder.  Will this ever happen for me?