New $100 bill, via doobybrain

Today, I made a trip to Costco.  My membership expired, I got conned into getting their American Express card, and I left with way more than I had intended to buy.  However, I did win the $100 game*, which is a definite WIN in my book.  Let’s take a look at what Costco does to me, and why this game exists in the first place:

What I had intended to buy:

  1. Steaks for a dinner we’re having at our place on Friday
  2. A pork shoulder to make pulled pork in our new slow cooker
  3. Gas

What I left with (along with my justifications):

  1. Steaks (allowed)
  2. Gas (necessary)
  3. A tray of catfish filets (Husband’s favorite!  And fish is “brain food,” as my mom would say.)
  4. A 4-pack of microwave dinners (I had a coupon.  And sometimes I just get caught with nothing at home!)
  5. An 18-pack of 100 calorie fudge bars (I ran out of Häagen-Daz five™ Ginger ice cream- which is delicious and all Kira‘s fault, by the way.  And I bet these are better for me, despite their having definitely more than 5 ingredients.  100 calories! Come on!)
  6. 4-lbs of strawberries (They’re in season! And a lot cheaper than at other stores.  Besides, it’s fruit.  Fruit’s good for you!)
  7. A pineapple (They cost the same at Henry’s but are about HALF the size there.  Not a lie.  Besides, we have an awesome pineapple cutter.)
  8. I didn’t get the pork shoulder because they were huge and in two-packs.

Total: ~$88!!!

So, really, I started this entry with the thought that I’d tell this other story about how I planned to cook the catfish for dinner tonight, picked a recipe, wrote it down, and then went to my kitchen, found out that I had like… 1 of the ingredients (2 if you include the catfish), and proceeded to make it another way.  But then I decided that was much more boring than me WINNING it BIG at Costco today!  Yay!

I love this game.  It makes me feel awesome at failing when trying to stick to a list.


*The $100 game, invented by Kyle (of Husband’s band, The Notice fame) and adopted by me via Twitter, involves trying to leave Costco having spent less than $100.  Not including gas. (That part was my addition; otherwise I’d always lose.)