Those who have known me for the past few months probably know a few things about what’s been going on in my life.  Like for one, I got married.  For another, my husband and I are moving to Utah soon.  And we don’t know where we’re living yet.

Some of you may also know about the absolute BANE of my existence: this paper I have to write in order to graduate.  In short, my medical school has this requirement that all students complete an “Independent Study Project,” or ISP.  The rules governing what you can do with this are incredibly flexible.  I had a friend who did a few rotations in India and wrote a blog as his project.  Other people create educational materials.  Some hard core people do bench research.

And then some stupid people decide to write a paper.  Like, a case report and review of the literature.  And then some stupid people procrastinate on their projects up until the last moment.

That would be me!

There was a soft deadline for a rough draft on April 1st that I totally missed.  That rough draft just made it in today.  AND I AM SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!  I don’t have to think about it for at least a day, while my ISP chair is reviewing it.

Of course, I’m still a bit fearful- fearful that he won’t like it and I’ll have to make major changes and then also fearful that he’ll take too long to go over it and I’ll miss the hard fast turn-it-in-or-you-don’t-graduate deadline of May 1st.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy my newfound freedom!  Waaahooooo!