About two months ago, my friend imissyoupenguin and I decided to leave the no longer hallowed nor frequented grounds of Xanga and move to somewhere else.  That somewhere else ended up being this site over here for me.  Two months passed, but I never told anybody about it because the whole “MD” in my username immediately started rubbing me the wrong way.  What had possessed me to create such an asinine username?  Hence, another move.  And this one feels just right.

Husband said once that the only people who insist upon being called “Doctor” outside of work are people who aren’t MDs.  I have no idea if that’s actually true; nobody I associate with has any other degree but an MD, and those with degrees I don’t associate with outside of work.  But for me, I’m going to be Mrs. C for my kids’ friends and parents.  Being a doctor is my job, and even though it is a little bit (–okay, lie– a lot bit) of who I am, I have no need for people to recognize me as a physician when I’m not on the job.  Actually, I think it’d be embarrassing, but what do I know- I’m still two months away from my degree.

I also feel uncomfortable when people call me anything but “Alice.”  I thought it’d go away “when I grew up,” so I guess I’m not there yet.